Ponderings from 9000 feet in the Rocky Mountains

Spirograph Art 2005

These are some of the more interesting images created by the first (C/libplot) incarnation of my spirograph program. Unfortunately I neglected to record the parameters used to generate them so no way to recreate them; they need to be rediscovered afresh. Click on any image to view full size.

xplot01 xplot02 xplot03 xplot04 xplot05 xplot09 xplot10 xplot11 xplot13 xplot15 xplot16 xplot17 xplot18 xplot19 xplot20 xplot21 xplot22 xplot23 xplot24 xplot25 xplot30 xplot31 xplot32 xplot34 xplot35 xplot36 xplot38 xplot39 xplot40 xplot41 xplot42 xplot43 xplot44 xplot45 xplot46 xplot47 xplot48 xplot49 xplot50 xplot51 xplot52 xplot53 xplot54 xplot55 xplot56 xplot57 xplot58 xplot59 xplot60 xplot61 xplot62 xplot63 xplot64 xplot65 xplot66 xplot67 xplot68 xplot69 xplot70 xplot71 xplot72 xplot74 xplot75