Ponderings from 9000 feet in the Rocky Mountains

About Me

My name is Stuart McGraw and I am a retired Systems and Network Administrator and sometimes-programmer living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains west of Denver, Colorado in the US.

I enjoy hiking in Colorado and other parts of the Western US and Canada. For many years I also enjoyed rock, ice and alpine climbing although health issues have curtailed those activities quite a bit.

This website is named after Mount Neva, a nearby and favorite mountain I've been to the top of many times. It has routes ranging from walkups to enjoyable moderate snow climbs to technical rock routes, and is located in the beautiful Indian Peaks Wilderness of Colorado just south of Rocky Mountain National Park. The picture at the top of each page is of Mt. Neva, taken from the South ridge of Bald Mountain.


I am also a Japanophile and am greatly interested in if not very knowledgeable about Japanese language, culture, and history.

Combining my interest in Japanese and computer software, I am a contributor to Jim Breen's JMdict/EDICT and JMnedict/ENAMDICT projects. The primary products of these projects are several open source Japanese-English dictionary files that are used by innumerable Japanese language related websites (including Dr. Breen's own wwwjdic online dictionary site), other projects and individuals.

My contribution is a subproject called JMdictDB (another description) which is a Postgresql database and associated tools that serves as the primary repository for the data that ends up in the JMdict/EDICT and JMnedict/ENAMDICT files.

JMdictDB also provides the web interface that allows wwwjdic users to submit suggestions for new entries and corrections to existing ones. These edits go back into the database in a provisional state pending approval by a group of editors, after which they appear in the product files. Recent submissions can be seen here. The web interface also allows advanced searches of the database contents.


I can be reached by email at (Please don't remove the "4191" but do remove the two anti-spam "x"s in the address.)